The GNU GDB and Insight debuggers

The mspgcc port of the GNU GDB debugger is currently based on version 5.1.1. This can be used with the Texas Instruments JTAG interface when used with an additional program called msp430-gdbproxy, and a TI FET tool. GDB is a command line tool. Various graphical front ends are available for it. A merged graphical front end, called Insight, is also available.

Generally any of the available GUI front ends for GDB will work with msp430-gdb on Linux, or other Unix like platforms. However, many of these front ends do not function, or do not function well, on Windows machines. Some require (e.g. GVD) require a Windows NT based machine (i.e. Windows NT, 2000 or XP machines), and will not work on a Windows 98 or Me machine. Choosing and installing front ends other than Insight is left as an excercise for the reader.