What is mspgcc?

mspgcc is a port of the GNU C and assembly language toolchain to the Texas Instruments MSP430 family of low-power microcontrollers. It is currently being used for production programs in C and assembly language. It is being be used on:

Parts of mspgcc have been merged into the official GNU versions of the toolchain. It is planned to merge the remainder at a suitable date.

The source code for the unmerged parts of mspgcc, and binary installers, may be obtained from the mspgcc web-site. Source code for the standard GNU tools may be obtained from the GNU website, or one their mirrors.

There is an active mailing list available for mspgcc users at the mspgcc web-site where users can get help with any problems they may find using mspgcc.

The GNU Binutils

The GNU assembler, linker and various support utilities are collectively known as 'binutils'. Beginning with version 2.14, the official releases of binutils contain support for the MSP430 processors.