The GNU GCC C Compiler

The mspgcc port of the GNU C compiler is currently based on version 3.2.3 of GNU GCC. It supports all the current variants of the MSP430 processor, and comes with a full set of header files for the processors, and a basic 'libc' library. Signed and unsigned integers of 8, 16, 32, and 64 bit lengths are supported. Floating point is supported, but only for single precision floating values - no double precision. Currently only C is supported. However, support for C++, Fortran and other languages supported by GCC might be added. Currently the mspgcc port fo the C compiler is stable, and suitable for production use. At the time of writing it is necessary to download a set of patches for the official GNU C compiler from the mspgcc web-site. When practical, these will be merged into the official GNU GCC releases.