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Dmitry Diky
Chris Liechti
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Help Wanted

Interested in participating in a open source project? Well you won't make any money out of it, but a lot of people will appreciate your work while they are using open source products. And why not giving something back by improving something you like? It also a possibility to work in a team and train your skills.

We have some interseting stuff to work on:

  • Help with floating point library
  • Revamp documentation (extend, add tips and tutorials)
  • Maintain example projects
  • Write GDB support (look into CVS)
  • Get C++ working
  • Extend the simulator

If you're interested in an other area that is not on this list, just drop a line and we'll see what's possible.


Help with floating point library

Basic support is in, but there should be a library for the rest!

Revamp documentation

As you can see there is some quite useful documentation around. But a documentation is never finished... you could extend it with new chapters like "Tips & Tricks" and "Tutorials" or polish up the existing docs.

It would also be nice to have the docs in diffrent formats like

  • ASCII (hey, were programmers, we like it simple but portable :-)
  • PDF (reading on paper is more convenient and some clean layout is a pleasant to see after seeing some webpages...)
  • HTML (access with the most used tool we have today: the browser)

    The root doc should be in a format that's easy to maintain and easy to convert in other formats. Sugestion: LaTeX (you don't need to know it just to contribute docs).

    Maintain exmaple projects

    Some simple examples should be there for beginners. Not all know the GNU way with make and console tools. Some examples will get them started and hopefuly most will like it!

    Some supporting user libraries would also be useful. Do you have some software module that could be useful for others? Why not making a library out of it and putting it in this project?

    Write GDB support

    The GNU DebuBuger is the sourcelevel developement tools that fits well with gcc and binutils. There are various frontends for it available which should be possible to use right away. Someone has just to write a backend for the MSP 430

    It should communicate through TCP/IP with a device driver. One driver can be the simulator, another the serial BSL, maybe the JTAG. That solution should be flexible and portable. It also enables us to use different tools/languages for the driver as C (for GDB).

    Get C++ working

    Basic support for C++ is already in, but to be able to use is a C++ library is needed.

    Extend the simulator

    Add more peripherals with all their registers and configurations. Some Testing should be done with new modules and with the multiplier as well as with the core (it seems stable right now... but you never know)