The mspgcc header files

The include path for the standard header files is automatically defined by the compiler. The header file "<io.h>" is usually included at the start of all mspgcc source files. This defines all TI's standard definitions for the MCU variant being used, along with some mspgcc specific extensions.

If you have used other software tools for the MSP430, you will find mspgcc's header file handling a little different and a little simpler to use. There is a header file for each peripheral module type. Where variants of a module exist (e.g. the UART exists in versions with and without I2C facilities), switches are used to select the appropriate defines. There is a customised header file for each MCU group (e.g. msp430x44x.h for the msp430x447, msp430x448 and msp430x449). <io.h> inlcudes the appropriate header file, based on the command line "-mmcu" parameter. If you program for a number of different MSP430 parts, nothing needs to be changed in your source code to rebuild it for a different chip.