Installation on other platforms

You can build mspgcc from source code for many other platforms. Most installations of Linux with kernels greater than 2.4.0 can fully support mspgcc. Some versions of BSD Unix can too. On other Unix like platforms everything except the JTAG interface should work OK. The JTAG interface requires raw access to a parallel port. Drivers for this do not currently exist for these platforms.

If you are running a version of the Linux kernel earlier than 2.4.0 you will not be able to drive the JTAG interface. The driver needed for raw access to the parallel port does not exist for these kernels (although someone is currently working on this). However, you can still use the rest of the mspgcc tools to write and compile code, and use the bootstrap loader (BSL) to program devices. The bootstrap loader requires nothing more than a standard serial port.

On platforms without parallel port, it may be possible to use the serial bootstrap loader (BSL). One implementation of a downloader can be found on the mspgcc web-site look for pyBSL.