Redefining the startup procedure

By defining _reset_vector__ in the user application, the linker will not link standard startup code. For example:

#include <io.h>

	/* place your startup code here */

	/* Make shure, the branch to main (or to your start
	   routine) is the last line in the function */
	__asm__ __volatile__("br #main"::);
produces the following code

a.out:     file format elf32-msp430

Disassembly of section .text:

0000fc00 <__zero_vector>:
    fc00:       30 40 04 fc     br      #0xfc04

0000fc04 <_unexpected_>:
    fc04:       00 13           reti

0000fc06 <_reset_vector__>:
    fc06:       00 3c           jmp     $+2             ;  abs dst addr 0xfc08

0000fc08 <main>:
    fc08:       31 40 80 02     mov     #640,   SP      ;  #0x0280
    fc0c:       30 40 10 fc     br      #0xfc10

0000fc10 <__stop_progExec__>:
    fc10:       02 43           clr     SR
    fc12:       fe 3f           jmp     $-2             ;  abs dst addr 0xfc10
Disassembly of section .data:
Disassembly of section .vectors:

Please note that if you declare your own startup, you must take care about initialising the values of global variables.

Another way to define the reset routine is to use the _RESET() macro:

	/* place your startup code here */
	__asm__ __volatile__("br #main"::);