Programming and debugging MSP430s

Using the JTAG FET tool with gdbproxy

Before using msp430-gdb, make sure msp430-gdbproxy is running. By default it uses TCP port 2000 to communicate with the debugger. You can explicitly set a port on the command line. The command

$ msp430-gdbproxy --port=2000 msp430
will start "msp430-gdbproxy"

Put the following lines into your GDB startup file. For Unix and Linux this is the file ".gdbinit" in your home directory. For Windows users it is "gdb.ini":

set remoteaddresssize 64
set remotetimeout 999999
target remote localhost:2000

or whatever well known port you have msp430-gdbproxy listening at.

msp430-gdbproxy understands several MSP430 specific commands, as well as the standard GDB ones.

help This help text
eraseblank, 'info', 'main', or 'all',Erase target Flash
puc Reset target over JTAG, using PUC
reset Reset target over JTAG, using hardware reset
identify Identify what target is connected to the JTAG port
jtagblank, 'release', or "hold'Define/report how JTAG is to be handled when a program is running
vcc<voltage>Define/report the VCC of the MSP430
dump [for debug] Read out target registers